December 2013 “Spiritual Work in the 5th Dimension”

This is information on how healing will be done in the 5th Dimension and how you can start now to integrate that into your practice. You don’t have to do it this way now but if your soul learns how to do this, when you get to the 5th Dimension you will be ready to work from that first moment. If you don’t learn how or don’t want to, no problem. It may be that your soul is taking a different route. Everyone is different. All healers will learn this in the 5th Dimension, so you can learn it there. Of course, with the 5th dimensional world under your feet, you will be very supported (won’t that be nice!!!!) and learning this there will be easier there. Your choice. Read this information and ask your soul what it is guiding you to do.

To do these 5th dimensional healings, we need our Sacred Heart open. We have a physical heart, a Heart Chakra, a High Heart Chakra and a Sacred Heart. The Sacred Heart has been accessible to us since we entered into the 4th Dimension. You know where your physical heart is. The Heart Chakra is flowing through your aura at the level of your physical heart. The High Heart Chakra flows through your aura just above the physical heart and underneath the throat, where that indentation is in the shape of a V. The Sacred Heart is in the center of the physical heart, which so happens to be the center of your aura. It looks like a little box. This little box could not be opened until we tamed the ego. Notice I didn’t say “when we got rid of the ego.” Many people are still surprised to find out that ascending didn’t mean we would be getting rid of the ego. We conquered the ego but it is not gone.

As long as we have these physical bodies, we will have the ego with us. The Angels have shown me a cute visualization that as we ascend, the ego gets locked up in our big toe. It’s still there but it is at the lowest part possible and the farthest point physically away from our thoughts. Eventually, we forget all about it being there. Some Lightworkers give the ego too much credit, thinking that the ego is still controlling them. Just ignore the ego. If you are ascending when you do something or say something, you are making a conscious choice so take responsibility for that and not say the ego made you do it.

If you are still ascending to the 5th dimensional energy in your daily life, you have access to your Sacred Heart. If you are already 5th dimensional and no longer going back into the 4th Dimension, then you are living within your Sacred Heart.

Living within the center of your soul can be very powerful and peaceful. If you are saying to yourself, “I am 5th dimensional but I don’t feel I am living a sacred life.” Then think about this, we can be living in a home with all the best furniture and gadgets but we don’t have to use them. The Sacred Heart is the same, you can be living in it but not using some or any of what is available to you.

We want to give you a tool to remind you that you now have this powerful place within you. I was shown this hand mudra by the Angels. I had never seen it before but have since found out that it is a well-known hand mudra. This is the 2nd time in my life that the Angels have given me a hand mudra to use. Both have been very powerful.

A mudra is an ancient healing hand position. It helps you to activate, redirect and recharge the energy in your entire being. I didn’t say “body” I said, “being” so, it activates, redirects and recharges the energy in your soul.

Here is what they showed me. It is for:

“Opening Up Your Heart Center / Sacred Heart”

Create a cup with your hands

Palms facing up

All fingers are apart

The upper part of your thumbs, your little fingers and the base of your palms are touching.

Visualize holding a big flower, like a rose

Stretch your fingers up and apart

Place your hands at heart level

Breathe and think about the light flowing down from Heaven flowing into your cupped hands

The light is flowing into your physical heart, your Heart Chakra, Your High Heart Chakra and your Sacred Heart.

This light is flowing deep into your soul.



Note: In case this post is reblogged without the photographs, I have the photographs on the ”Spiritual Work in the 5th Dimension” radio program here: I have tipped my hands in two of the photos so you can see from the top view. When you are doing this hand mudra, remember the correct position is to point your fingers up, not out.

~ ~ ~

When you are in the 5th Dimension, the 3rd and 4th dimensional spiritual tools do not work on us anymore. When we use our own innate tools, which means anything we have access to within our soul, then we can heal ourselves and others. Your physical body is the center of your soul so any part of your physical body is a tool. Using your speech is a tool. Your hands are a tool. You can use this “Opening Your Heart Center” mudra to connect to your Sacred Heart and to start using the loving energy that resides in there each day.

So then, how do we heal 5th dimensionally? On one level of the healing, people need to know the root cause of illnesses / so called accidents / lessons in order to heal. Then the next level of healing, we speak what we want to happen, focusing our intention on how to clear whatever we found within the root cause. 5th Dimension healings are done by speaking intuitively while focusing your healing intention on that area of the body, mind or soul. Speaking is how the healing light energy knows what to do within that soul. And focusing your intention is how the healing light energy knows where to go.

When we say “speaking intuitively,” we are not talking about channeling other beings with our speech. Remember, using anything or anyone outside of our own soul lowers the energy we can heal with. Speaking intuitively means to learn how to connect with that soul and talk with it spiritually. Get the soul to tell you what needs to be done. Get the soul to show you what needs to be cleared or healed. When you speak during the healing, it will be simple like “heal” or “aura clear” or “cancer leave now.” It’s not complicated. The least amount of words to get your intention across is what you will be speaking.

The highest part of any soul in this Universe is called Angels. We are not talking about something separate from the soul with a name. We are talking about energy. When we call forth the highest Angels of that soul, we are speaking to the strongest, clearest energy of that person. The Angels can show you and tell you what is going on and how to fix it.

Right now in 2013 and moving forward, everyone is working from a soul level. Yes, our souls are running the show. And our souls are making different decisions than what we would have made as people just living for that one life. It is all about the soul now, not just this one life. That is why some of the things happening to us and to others don’t make sense. We aren’t used to thinking about the bigger picture with every situation.

What does make sense is that if the souls are running the show, we need to learn how to heal from a soul level. When we heal from this deep space, we open up spiritual pathways that were only available before through dying. Because in dying, we finally see that bigger picture, in our life review. We go through every conversation, situation and view it from different perspectives, not just our own. Viewing our lives in a detached way we finally gain understanding of why those things happened and what our responsibility was. I’ll spoil the ending here for you. We are responsible for everything that happens to us. That is why forgiveness of ourselves is the most important thing we will learn. But some people are not ready to hear that so we take baby steps and teach to forgive others first.

If you would like to heal 5th dimensionally now, then ask your highest teaching Angels to guide you. (Please remember to ask for YOUR highest teaching Angels and not THE highest teaching Angels. The higher you go spiritually you have more power in your words and they are taken literally. What you want is to be taught exactly what you need in the quickest, easiest way and that would be through your souls Angels.) You will need spiritual vision to “see” the physical body, “see” attachments and spiritual hearing to communicate. Pray / affirm that you can do these things. If you have doubts, find out where your resistance is to doing this and clear it.

This insight into the healings of the 5th Dimension is being shared now, not because you have to do this but because there are those people who are hungry for the next level of work. We have been in what feels like a very long pause for the last few years without much “new” going on spiritually. It’s pretty much the same old same old. And it’s not very exciting. In fact, it’s boring. This is something that can be practiced here while you wait for the Ascension. Then when we ascend your souls will already know how to do this and you won’t have any learning curve there. You will have created your spiritual practice and walk right into them the moment your foot touches our new world.

I love,


Copyright 2013 © Christina Lunden ~ Creator Mediator All rights reserved. 

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My service to the world is in reminding people that they are not just humans, they are souls. My work is in two major areas: Healing the wounds that keep souls from growing and remembering who they really are. These wounds are not just in this life, they can go back to the very first wound; the wound that most souls still feel but haven’t dealt with yet which is from the moment we separated from God. Souls felt Confusion / Anger / Sadness / Lonely / Abandonment. These wounds show up in many ways in our current life. Healing the wounds through the current experiences a person has, is life and soul changing. And then my work goes to the next level which is helping souls grow in knowledge and wisdom and teach them to understand how to use their new found power. I am here for you. ~Christina

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6 Responses to December 2013 “Spiritual Work in the 5th Dimension”

  1. Belinda says:

    Thank you so much Christina. Reading and trying to put the Holy Angels suggestions into practice always bringse such peace.
    Much love ❤️😊

  2. Nancy says:

    Thank you so much Christina, this is so helpful and I just love the Willie Nelson song and energy they are expressing. I have to go and look up the words to the song. I caught some and they are powerful. LOVE!

  3. eontraveler says:

    Reblogged this on Måsviken Forum i Stockholm and commented:
    Underbar lite övning som lugnar och harmoniserar dig om du gör detta ofta.
    Lev Väl
    Martin Måsviken
    Måsviken Forum

  4. Laurel YAEGER says:

    Hi Christina. I M looking at reallocating and would like to live in an area w like minded people. Could u tell me if u have many followers in Albuquerque, other southwest towns or North Carolina? Thanks for ur help!

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