July 2013 “Spiritual Energy Leaks”

Are you losing power and energy in your daily life due to spiritual energy leaks? Are you over tired even though you are getting enough sleep? Are you not able to stay asleep? Do you feel like your prayers are not being heard? Do you feel like you are on a roller coaster emotionally? The Angels would like to help you stay on your highest and easiest path by explaining these things can be caused by your energy be drained.

As Lightworkers we naturally open up to a lot of people and it is important for us to learn safe ways to do so. The coming Ascension has changed what we do and how we do it. The Angels want to help you find out if you have any energy leaks and if so, to correct them so that you can be on your highest and easiest path. If you want to be 5th dimensional before the Ascension comes, then these are things to correct to be able to easily stay in that energy.

What we are doing is not easy. We are bringing forth the higher light energy of the 5th Dimension when the 5th dimensional world is not under our feet, nor is it even fully created yet. There is nothing physical to support us, grounding us. This is difficult for us but not impossible. It takes focus and determination for us to stay on course. It is truly amazing that as spiritual human beings we can have such a strong role in the next level of creation.

Spiritual energy leaks can cause loss of power in all areas of our lives. For example, if a water hose has a leak and you are trying to water your plants, you won’t have the full pressure to water the plants. This is the same concept with spiritual energy leaks; if you are being drained, you won’t have as much power. Our highest and easiest path is to recognize when we are not at full power and then make a correction to get back up there. As I go through the list of the most common energy leaks, see if you currently have any of them. Also, you might want to keep them in mind for the future.

~Grounding to Mother Earth – Grounding to Mother Earth will make people feel her movements; her groanings, moanings, aches and pains. Grounding can be through any visualization / meditation / intentions / prayers. My books, as you may have noticed, have been altered when they were re-published to not guide you to do this anymore. The Angels shared that grounding to her was going to cause Lightworkers to be on an emotional roller coaster that they didn’t have to be on so they changed some of the information in the books to raise the energy of where we are now and where we are going dimensionally instead of where we used to be in the 3rd Dimension.

The Angels have also changed the way to say some of the prayers. For example, when we say the Unified Chakra Prayer now, we are no longer visualizing the light flowing down from Heaven through us, out through our feet, into Mother Earth and then back up into Heaven. Since the arrival of the 5th dimensional energy we have been guiding everyone to visualize the light flowing down from Heaven through you, going out of your feet and then back up into Heaven, totally avoiding going through Mother Earth.

Here is an excerpt from an email I received after giving this suggestion to not ground into Mother Earth anymore. In her Soul Session her Angels told her this was the main reason she was having trouble finding balance in her life. She was hesitant to make this change since it had been an everyday practice for her. But she agreed to try it for seven days to see if it made any difference.

Dear Christina~ Hello!  I am very pleased with the results of the Angels recommendation of not grounding into Mother Earth; which I was doing every day.  I was also running Mother Earth’s energy up into and through my body up to Father God and then back down into me again.  I feel soooo much better!  Thank you again!  You said to try it for a week but I noticed a huge difference right away! Thank you!

Mother Earth is not being abandoned by us not grounding to her. Quite the opposite; it is less energy that she has to transmute. And we are helping her each and every moment by the light we bring forth into our own lives. As she needs energy in some place around the world, she can get higher powerful light energy through these souls. She can get exactly what she needs, when she needs it and putting it where it needs to go. And the benefit to us is that we don’t feel any negative effects as the light she is using is not ours, it is The Light freely flowing through us.

If you are a healer perhaps this will put it into better perspective. Have you ever facilitated a healing for someone and that person explained their symptoms but you were spiritually guided to work on another part of their body and the person was healed anyway? That is the problem with us deciding for Mother Earth what she needs. She is not on a specific pre-determined time table. Sometimes we make amazing leaps forward towards the Ascension and then other times not so much. WE are the ones determining how fast or slow the process is; not a calendar. We are the creators. So instead of us making these choices for her, the higher and easier path is to let Mother Earth decide. And we do that by being the light in our daily lives and allowing her to choose when she needs it.

Grounding to Mother Earth can make you feel achy, uncomfortable, anxious and more. It affects the physical body but more so the emotional body. The emotions can be hard to stabilize with all of this chaotic changing energy flowing through you. If you still ground to Mother Earth and have the intention of being 5th Dimensional now, try for a week not connecting to Mother Earth or through her and see how you feel. Perhaps it will be an amazing difference for you.

~Being Empathic – A lot of Lightworkers were born with empathic abilities. Empathy is feeling what someone else is feeling. This is a 3rd dimensional spiritual ability which was quite effective for us to understand what a person was feeling and going through so we knew better how to help them. To help these people we would absorb the lower energies into and through our own aura / bodies and then transform that energy into light to release it.

When our souls found out the new plan of ascending within our lifetimes, they were to naturally shut this empathic ability off as it is not necessary anymore in the 5th Dimension. Now when we are asked to heal from our 5th dimensional space, the other person’s energy never gets channeled through us in any way. It stays outside of our aura and we spiritually direct the energy to leave and transmute it into light. Most souls did shut this empathic ability off and they have no personal energy problems. As a 5th dimensional healer, you should not be shifting energy (being tired / worn out afterwards) at all when you work with clients as you are no longer absorbing any of their “stuff.” In fact, working to heal people will make your power increase and you will feel better afterwards if the energy is flowing correctly. Some souls did not shut off this ability and it is affecting their personal and professional strength and power.

If you can still feel other people’s emotions or situations and feel drained after you are with them, you may have this empathic ability still open. Should you decide you want to close it, I would suggest praying and asking your Angels to close it immediately. And then ask for confirmation that it is done.

~ The Past – This is a strong spiritual energy leak; holding onto anger or upset and / or not wanting to forgive someone or yourself. Your heart is now the key to everything. All energy, no matter how long we live in these bodies will have to flow through our hearts; our physical heart, emotional heart and sacred heart. If any of these hearts are blocked or darkened by lower energy, then that part cannot be used for your 5th Dimensional life. Forgiveness is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Think about this; Is holding on to the past negativity really more important than your soul’s path and what kind of future you can have? I have a great video with information that Christ Jesus shared with me on an easy way to forgive someone here on Earth or even if they have crossed over. In this exercise, you go directly to the soul and talk with them, not the physical person. It is safe and quite effective! Oh and don’t forget to forgive yourself too!

~ Helping people when they have not asked – This is difficult not to do especially when it is family or a friend but it is vitally important at this time that we honor each soul’s decision process. Some people are in a pattern of rescuing people out of their dilemmas. At the moment of Ascension, each soul will be measured to see how much light they have in their soul. The way we get that light is by learning our lessons. Soul lessons don’t generally mean everything goes right for us. We tend to learn through hardships. The first time a soul goes through a difficult experience, it is always the easiest. So if we fix it for them, the next time they have to go through the lesson is harder. Each time they don’t finish or learn the lesson, it is harder and harder for the soul to go through. You can see this through people who “hit rock bottom.” They could have learned the lesson earlier but avoided it in some way. So they keep going through it over and over until they finally get it.

The Angels say it is easier when we keep in mind Earth is a planet of lesson. And even though you may be looking at the physical body, the soul of that person is really in control and always knows what is going on. Things that happen to us are never a surprise to any of our souls. Our souls are always a couple of steps ahead plus they have the advantage of seeing the bigger picture of our lives.

This is not the first rodeo for anyone on Earth. And the Angels are reminding me that even people who are younger than us may have lived more lives than us and could be older than us spiritually. The Angels don’t want our physical eyes to deceive us. If we are needed, the person will ask. Each soul recognizes every other soul and their power. Just think about the last time you were going to be with a large group of people. Did anyone turn to look at you as you walked in the room even without you announcing your presence? It is because the other souls felt the presence of your aura before your physical presence got there.

Since we are more powerful the higher we go in the dimensional ladder, we can heal more, fix more. But that is not why we were given the power. We were given the power to learn how to be more God-like. To be more like God, this next step is learning compassion and non-judgment of everyone. To do this we honor the free-will of everyone and that includes Mother Earth.

This goes for teenagers lessons too. Parents are spiritually responsible for children through the age of 12. After that, they are responsible for themselves and the parents are guides. For most of us, this is the first time they are actually in the role of being our children. God made it clear to me as a young mother that these children were not “mine.” They were His. And in this lifetime I was borrowing them for all of us to learn our soul lessons. I have never forgotten that.

In my situation, my daughter has more experience being my mother than I do of being her parent. It caused a lot of issues when she was little but my daughter told me at the age of two years old what she remembered of our past life situations. She said she didn’t know how it got messed up that I was the parent but she didn’t like it one bit. So we agreed to be friends. Strange I know but true. We also agreed that when it came down to a disagreement about something, I would have the final say since she apparently agreed to be my child this lifetime. This has worked for us beautifully. Even today with her all grown up, we are more friends and equals than playing the mother and daughter roles.

So our children are really well taken care of. Don’t forget they have Angels too. They are souls who know exactly what they are here to do and how they want to experience it. It may not be something that we would choose for them, but we are not them. And we cannot know their soul’s divine plan.

It is far better for our teenagers to practice making mistakes while they are living at home than to have us rescue them each time. Because then when they go out on their own, who is going to be there to help them? They need practice in a safe environment. I was told by the Angels that it is far better for a 12 year old to get caught drinking alcohol and have the parent deal with it than it would be to have the child be of driving age and find out then.

I prayed for my children to get caught in everything they did while I still had spiritual control over their lives (up to the age of 13.) It may have seemed harsh to them at the time but it worked. They have evolved into strong spiritual human beings.

Not helping all people until they ask means just that. If someone doesn’t ask you personally for help then you are not to help them, if you don’t want your energy and power to be spiritually lowered. Just think “What would Jesus do?” There are only a couple of accounts of Jesus healing someone before they asked and those were done for the purposes of training his disciples. Other than that Jesus told me He only healed those who came and asked him. He is our main example of The 5th Dimension / Christ Consciousness. This Ascension is another step of our souls evolving to integrate more of God consciously into our lives.

~ Frustration / Anger with God and the Angels – In the past when I didn’t receive answers or see what I would like to manifest in my life and I would get upset with my Angels. I would imagine that they would want to say something like this, “Christina, it is what it is. Deal with it. When it is time, we will answer.” Do you ever feel like your Angels are tired of listening to you complain when you don’t see the answers to your prayers?

There is so much going on in many dimensions that we cannot comprehend it all from our vantage point. I have shared in the past about a time when things just kept financially piling up for me that it was ridiculous. It was like I was living someone else’s life. It is easy to get mad when things outside the norm happen especially when we feel we are doing everything correctly. But we need to remember we are not children anymore spiritually. With this Ascension process we are now adult children of God. And as such we are capable of handling our lives. There is a much bigger picture going on at this time. Focus on the big picture, say your prayers and deal with what you can while you are waiting on the answers. Choose not to have a tantrum so that your energy doesn’t get lowered. I had a habit of stomping my foot and yelling at them years ago however I learned quickly 5th dimensionally doing this stops you on your path (you don’t go off it, you just stop walking it). Then you will be the cause of things not manifesting or at the least, you will slow them down from coming into your life.

Are you angry with God or your Angels? Forgive. Forgive them and yourself. Your Angels are you; higher aspects of your soul. That is why you stop on your path because you are fighting yourself when you get angry at them. Forgive and ask the questions you need to make yourself comfortable with the wait.

Before we go, we would like to share two affirmations with you. I found them on post it notes that I keep beside my bed. I get a lot of spiritual insight and prayers while I say my prayers or right as I lay down to go to sleep and also during the night. So I keep a note pad there and scribble down what I am given. I think it is a perfect way to end this message.

* I AM an extraordinary spiritual human being.Everything I do, think and feel exudes this energy.

* I AM always at the perfect place at the perfect time for the highest and easiest outcome for my life.

And to make it clear to the Angels of your soul and God of your intention to be on the highest and easiest path for your ascension, these affirmations with breath will help. Remember the heart is the key so we start with the heart.

* * * * *

I AM ascending in my heart. (breathe in – pause – breathe out)

I AM ascending in my mind. (breathe in – pause – breathe out)

I AM ascending in my body. (breathe in – pause – breathe out)

* * * * *

I have ascended in my heart. (breathe in – pause – breathe out)

I have ascended in my mind. (breathe in – pause – breathe out)

I have ascended in my body. (breathe in – pause – breathe out)

* * * * *

Take in a deep breath.

Breathe out.

Again; deep breath.

Breathe it out.

One more time; deep breath.

And breathe out.

* * * * *

I have a NEW website:  www.ChristinaLunden.com that you can go to for more information about my work. I have so much on there to share with you. You can read more of these messages, you can listen to the powerful “Angelic Guidance” Soul Teaching programs and watch videos. All of my work is in assisting people to ascend to the 5th Dimension on the quickest, highest and easiest path.

It is an honor to walk beside you in The Light of our Ascension.

I love,



Copyright 2013 © Christina Lunden ~ Creator Mediator All rights reserved. 

Although these messages are copyrighted, you are invited to freely share them; send them to friends, add to your newsletter, post on your blog, etc. including the Source: www.ChristinaLunden.com (NEW website; check it out!)

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  1. Thannk you for your thoughtful and well written post. I have experienced the leaking you write about in the past, often with those closest to me. It can be difficult to let go of that desire to fix what you see and others have yet to see. I appreciate your viewpoint on this matter and will spend time in prayerful consideration.

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