September 2015 – I have a new Messages Page

Hi Everyone,

My new Angel Messages page is here:

I just posted 2 new messages. You can sign up there to get notified of future messages. This page will now be inactive.

Thank you for allowing me to share with you!



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March 2015 – Three Major Keys for Your Ascension to the 5th Dimension

~Breathing – Deep breathing is even more important now. Remember to take the time to consciously breathe. The Angels recommend 3 long, slow, deep breaths, 3 times a day. Doing this will keep you in your heart more than in your mind. You have more power and control when you are in your heart.

When you raised your energy from a 3rd dimensional human into a 5th dimensional spiritual human being, doing everything spiritually first keeps you on the easy path. Remembering to take 3 long, slow, deep breaths will help you stay on that easy path.

The best method is what the Angels lovingly call the “Candy Cane” breathing. Visualizing a candy cane starting at your nose. Breathing in through the nose, going down the back of the throat, deep into the lungs then reversing it pulling out all the old and stale air from the bottom of the lungs, hooking back around the throat and breathing it out through your nose. Then doing it again. Each time going deeper into the lungs.

~Forgiveness – This clears your hearts to be able to channel more light through your soul. Working from the power of all of your hearts: your physical & emotional heart, the Heart Chakra, the High Heart Chakra and your Sacred Heart is the key to utilizing core power. Your core is your only connection to the 5th Dimensional energy.

When we listen on this high level, we don’t do it emotional or physically. We listen within to hear higher thoughts.

Having a clear heart, will help all of your relationships to get better. This allows people to love you more clearly. And of course, you will be loving yourself more too.

And don’t forget to forgive yourself! Forgiveness of self is a necessity for living a life on the highest and easiest path!

~Connecting spiritually ourselves, not through other beings. This means even getting answers or help through Archangels, Guides or any being that is Channeled. Connecting to your Angels is okay because that is a higher aspect of your soul. The only exception is through Jesus Christ because even though He was a man, He is God too. If someone tells you that there is an Angel incarnated here on Earth as a man or woman, run away. If someone tells you that Jesus Christ is walking on Earth, run away! Your ascension depends on it as neither of these things will be true.

Of course you will be using all of the spiritual tools you have learned for the higher energy as well. It is quite an achievement to be 5th dimensional while still walking on a 3rd dimensional Earth so go easy on yourself. There is no quick fix for this. Walk in truth and focus on The Light and your soul will guide you to all that you need.

It is an honor to walk beside you during this amazing time!



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Although these messages are copyrighted, you are invited to freely share them; send them to friends, add to your newsletter, post on your blog, etc. including the Source:

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March 2015 “Angelic Help Is Here”

Have you have prayed and talked with your Angels and don’t feel like anyone is listening? Do you want to strengthen your spiritual walk? Do you need healing on any level; physically, emotionally or spiritually? Here are some suggestions for you:

Go to my website: 

  1. Choose the “Chakra Prayers” page. Read one of the longer Chakra Prayers on my website “Chakra Prayers” page each day for 14 days. After that, say one of the longer Chakra Prayer 3-4 days for another 2 weeks. On the off days, say the Short Chakra Prayer and the Unified Chakra Prayer. After that do what the Angels have suggested for everyone until we all physically ascend, say a longer Chakra Prayer at the beginning of your week and for the next 5 days say the Short Chakra Prayer and the Unified Chakra Prayer and take the next day off.

 2. Go to the “Messages” page and click on the right side where it says the months of the year and choose “January 2010 Communicating with the Angels of My Soul” Read that message and do what it says to talk with your Angels. Practice asking questions in this manner a couple of times a week. This will let your Angels know you want to hear them more often. If you do the method given in that message of calling forth your Angels, I can guarantee you that you are speaking with the Angels of your soul and the answers are not coming from your mind.

 3. Say this prayer daily (or more): “Through the Communions with the Angels of the Heavenly Father, I now see the unseen, I now hear the unheard and I now speak unspoken words.”

 4. Go to the “Programs” page and start listening to the messages. I would suggest you listen to all of them starting from the first one (on the last page) and work your way to the latest one. The Angelic energy and information will help you. Many people have done this and are amazed how much they grow and are able to do that they couldn’t do before. 🙂

 5. Go to the “Videos” page and watch the 10 minute programs there. If you have anything to forgive (past or present) use the video “Angelic Help with Forgiveness” to clear it. Any unforgiveness in your heart will block you spiritually until you release it.

 6. Any family members can do these same things. As souls, we are ascending individually and need to do the work ourselves. We can’t pray for it to happen for another person, no matter how much we love them.

 7. I also have a free screensaver with beautiful photos and affirmations on it that you can watch/listen/read anytime you want. If you are having a difficult day, this may be just the key to help shift your energy higher. The photographs are beautiful and you can say the affirmations as they appear. You can also choose the music/sounds for it. That is on the “Store” page. Just click on “Free Items.”

 8. If you have the ability to read on Amazon Kindle, you can get my books, “The Angel Connection” and “Your Divine Life” and “Angelic Affirmations.”

 9. If you want the books, they are also on my “Store” page and through Amazon, bookstores as well. Those books will help you learn to spiritually communicate and help you with all aspects of your life.

  1. If you would like daily spiritual encouragement and inspiration, you can sign up for the free daily Angel Affirmations emails through the “Newsletter” link at the top of any page of my website. These Monday through Friday emails share two to three Angel messages and reminders.

So much on my website freely shared. This information with your open heart and strong intention can change your life! I hear that so often.

My prayer every day is: “Lord guide each person to receive the spiritual growth, answers and healing that they are seeking through me and my work today. I AM a pure and clear channel for this to happen. The energy in all of my work is perfect for everyone to receive what they are asking and believing for. And they know through this work that they have been touched by God.”  And I believe He answers that prayer every day.



Copyright 2015 © Christina Lunden ~ Creator Mediator All rights reserved. 

Although these messages are copyrighted, you are invited to freely share them; send them to friends, add to your newsletter, post on your blog, etc. including the Source:

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February 2015 – “The Year of Answered Prayers”

I get a message to share with you at the beginning of each year with the essence of the coming year so you know what to expect and how to prepare. Here is more about that multi layered message.

The lowest layer is that the crazy and chaotic we are going to see this year is going to hit epic levels. The violence will continue to escalate all the way through the year. And unfortunately, we will see more women and children involved in causing the violence / terrorist attacks. Evil is making itself known all around the world.

On the next level up, people will lose even more this year in money, jobs, health and security. With what has happened in the last few years, it doesn’t seem possible but there is more to come. Some people who haven’t been touched in recent years will be surprised by the circumstances that come up in their lives this year. The times for the crashing down of the Earthplane has not peaked yet. There are some things happening that didn’t need to because people are not listening to their souls or looking at a bigger picture of why they are here, which is unfortunate.

And even more people will fall away from their faith and turn against God, making what is wrong in their lives God’s fault and not taking any responsibility for it. And just so they don’t feel like they are doing anything wrong by turning against God, they will try to make everyone else turn against Him or deny Him as well. Yes, this will happen even more than we have seen this past year.

This level is where most of the people on Earth live so we will have these people all around us; in our families, at our jobs, with our friends and strangers that cross our paths who are riding this roller coaster. It will be a tricky year of us working hard NOT to react and ride that roller coaster with them. We will need our spiritual tools to stay balanced almost every day that we are not in our sacred home space.

One thing the Angels are reminding me to say here is that the Chakra Prayers (on my website) were given for these times. They are very powerful. It has been recommended that we say a long chakra prayer at the beginning of our week and saying the Short Chakra Prayer and Unified Chakra Prayer together over the next five days, taking one day off. Doing this has been sufficient for 2014 however in 2015 most of you will find this will not be enough in the powerful energies you will be around. So you always have the option to say the longer chakra prayer on more days of the week if you feel you need to.

Note: If you have never said the Chakra Prayers, go to my website, choose whichever Chakra Prayer you resonate with and say that for 7 days straight, listening to what you are speaking. Then stop on the 8th day. After two days without the prayer, look at how things went in your life. That will be enough to show you the power of the prayers.

Now let’s talk about the higher level. This level is for the people who are spiritually conscious and walking in truth. On this level, we will bypass the majority of what will be going on here. Yes, I did say majority. It will be like Psalm 91 says; we will view it but not directly experience it. Unfortunately, some of it will touch our lives anyway and some will be because we chose to get on the roller coaster with everyone else.

This message is not for everyone, it is for those people at a spiritual level to be walking above the Earthplane (5th dimensional), not on it. Jesus told me in a vision that there is good news for the Lightworkers who have become 5th dimensional that they would be able to get the answers to their prayers, even with everything closing down on Earth. There would be five openings/windows throughout the year where miracles could happen and we could receive all that we wanted. If we are not solid in our faith during one of those openings, we would miss that opportunity. I was told that it doesn’t mean that we have four more chances to get that answer if we do miss it. It means that whatever we could have received during that time frame, we won’t until after this year is over. I was not told what the five windows stood for or when they would come or how long they would be open. But I was told to share with you to stand very strong in your faith and belief every day, all year. The warning was that a lot of us are mad at God, depressed and wrestling with our faith because it has been many years of prayers and the answers had not yet come. He made it clear that in order to receive the answers we need to stay in faith so that when these five windows open, our soul could recognize it and walk through it to receive the miracles.

When we are 5th dimensional, we walk above the Earthplane but we still live here on the physical Earth so we can still get affected by the things that happen here. The message continued that we need to keep looking up (yes, emotionally, physically and spiritually) focusing on The Light / on God and not listening or believing what the Earthplane says we can and cannot have and also to do all that we know to do to stay in the higher energy. You may already know it is a very tough walk to navigate the Earthplane unless you truly keep your focus on The Light.

If we can stay in faith our souls will be able to see these windows and walk through them to receive our answers. These windows will not be visible from those walking on the Earthplane or to those of the 5th dimensional energy not walking in faith at that time. Let me repeat that, you have to be in the higher dimensional energy to even see these spiritual windows.

For us to have the clearest path to receiving the answers, we need to speak the prayers out loud. The 5th dimensional energy is flowing through the throat, not our minds. Speaking out loud is where we have our strongest power. If you are not sure what it is you want it would be best to figure it out quickly. If you can’t name it, it’s not coming to you.

To help you shake off the energy of 2014 and embrace 2015 fully here is a prayer to make that intention clear. Spread your arms wide, take a deep breath in and out and say through your heart with strong intention,

“Dear God, This is (your name). I leave behind the energy of 2014 with forgiveness, thankfulness and love. I fully accept the new amazing opportunities being one with The Christ Light will bring into my life. I AM thankful that You have said I can finally receive all the answers to my prayers this year. I AM standing in unwavering faith and anxiously awaiting those answers and manifestations. Thank You God for remembering me. Amen and Amen!”

Big deep breath in and out.

Thank you for the blessing of allowing me to share with you today! If you have any questions about the 5th Dimension, the Ascension, your soul’s path with relationships, money, work, service, need healing or anything else, I would be honored to share with you in a Soul Session. I also do Chakra Readings that can let you know how powerful your soul is. More information about these sessions and Chakra Readings are on my website



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January 2015 “This is the Year of Answered Prayers!”

Hello my friends!

Here we are already halfway through the first month of 2015. It is going to be one fast, crazy year. The one thing to remember that will help you the most is to always do things spiritually first and then think. You will need all of your spiritual tools! They were given to us by the Angels to keep us on the highest and easiest path during these times.

Here is a message that I sent out New Year’s Day. I am reposting it here in case some of you didn’t get that email or read it. This is good news!

Some of you have been waiting a long time, years even, for some of your prayers to manifest. This will be a tricky year for those walking close to the Earthplane; not us. But we can still ride the roller coaster of the ups and downs if we choose to. There will also be sudden surprises; unusual things happening. Stay strong in your words, in your faith and in your spiritual walk. You will be rewarded this year. Come on… we have waited this long. Don’t give up now! Speak it. Feel it. Expect it. Get it! This is our year to receive! I believe!



Copyright 2015 © Christina Lunden ~ Creator Mediator All rights reserved. 

Although these messages are copyrighted, you are invited to freely share them; send them to friends, add to your newsletter, post on your blog, etc. including the Source:


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December 2014 ~ A letter to my friends as we close out this year

My Dear Friends,

You may be wondering where I have been as my writing / programs haven’t been as consistent as in the past. Let me assure you, as I have been assured by the Lord that I am sharing everything I am supposed to, exactly when I am supposed to. How I work is interesting and the exact opposite of what someone would tell you about how to run a business. But the Lord is my Boss and He does things a differently and most of the time opposite than the world does. And it is always perfect.

You know what to do and you have your spiritual tools to use. If you need reminders, read some of the other blog posts on this “Messages” page or listen to the Angel Soul Teachings There hasn’t been a change in what we are to do spiritually. But what I have been asked to remind almost everyone is to remember to consciously breathe. Take time to take 3 long, slow, deep breaths several times a day. This will keep you in your heart/in Spirit and out of your head/the world.

As we close out another year, I want to let you know that I am so very grateful for you. I have been meeting more of you in the private Soul Sessions and Angel Coaching Sessions calls and I tell you, it is a true joy to have the personal time with you! I am so proud of all that you are collectively doing to bring forth The Light into this world. Thank you for being a part of my life!

We are moving into another interesting year. 2015 is going to be a little of the same as this year, a little more ramped up in energy but with huge blessings available to those that are prepared. Whatever you do, DON’T GIVE UP on your prayers and dreams! You will be very disappointed when you see how close you were, if you give up now.

And as people who sacrificed a normal life to be in this service of sharing / shining The Light, we know it can be a lonely time of year. Remember you are never alone. We are all standing beside you, all of those who are here for the same purpose. Remember to ask your Angels for a touch or a hug or for peace in your heart; whatever you need to get through that moment. You are strong and powerful and without you being here, the world would be different. Your soul, your essence is an important part of the Ascension. We need everyone to do this!



Author of three books The Angel Connection; Divinity in the New Energy and Your Divine Life; Angelic Guidance for the Ascension; which are available on my website “Store” page with a channeled message from your Angels. Or you can get copies through here: International’s, Barnes and Nobles ( and any major bookstores.

Angelic Affirmations; Daily Inspirations is filled with a year of inspiring affirmations to encourage and empower you! Order your copy with a special Angel surprise through my website “Store” page.

Sign up for daily Angel Affirmations & Urgent Angel Messages and Bi-monthly updates from the Angels here: Newsletter link

Online Radio “Angelic Guidance”:

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Copyright 2014 © Christina Lunden ~ Creator Mediator All rights reserved. 

Although these messages are copyrighted, you are invited to freely share them; send them to friends, add to your newsletter, post on your blog, etc. including the Source:

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October 2014 ~ “How to use Your Angels to Help You”

First, let’s be clear about what the Angels are. Angels are the essence of love. God specifically created Angels to assist in the processes of this world. These Angels are thoughts of God or part of His essence. Just like we are all a thought of God and we are also a part of Him. We are not separate from God, no matter how it may seem while we are living here on Earth in physical bodies.

Our Angels are therefore our own thoughts. We create energy with everything we think and so when we say we are going to call forth our Angels, we are creating energy from the highest part of our soul where love resides. This energy or Angel will go forth the same as God’s Angels and do what we created it to do.

Everyone has Angels. And everyone can communicate with their own Angels as they are a part of our soul. People get confused about this so let me be clear. Everyone can talk with their own Angels! Your Soul is talking to you all the time. Just listen sometime to the thoughts that are going through your head every hour of every day. There is constant chatter. Some of it is recordings of old situations you have been in the past that you are replaying but some of it is your soul telling you what would be the best thing to do.

There are some people who can communicate with God’s Angels and other people’s Angels as well. This takes a particular skill, which most 5th dimensional people already have but they may not know that they do. Most of the time a person that can do spiritual communication from this higher level has had several lifetimes of learning this skill and is just mastering it within this lifetime.

In order to talk with your Angels you need to have questions. If you don’t ask questions, they won’t answer or talk. They don’t just chat for no reason. But they will answer direct questions. The more direct, the easier it is to get an answer. If you would like to talk with your Angels, write down the questions beforehand and leave spaces under the questions for the Angels answers. In my Angel Coaching sessions, I suggest that you wait until you have 10 questions on your paper before sitting down to have your chat.

Since everyone can talk with their Angels, how do we get all the other noise in our head to shut up so that we can hear these higher thoughts? By stating that you want that to happen through a prayer and deep breathing a lot. You can use a prayer like I say or something more simple like this:

“I thank You Lord for Your love and Your light as I call forth the highest Angels to talk with me right now. I thank You that these Angels share with me information that is clear, helpful and useful for today. I thank You for Your protection as I do so and I thank You that I AM that clear and pure channel of love and light.”

Or more simply like this:

“I thank You Lord that I now create a sacred space. I AM protected within this sacred space. I now call forth my highest Angels within this sacred, protected space. Amen”

You want to be protected from any spiritual being from coming to you acting like your Angels so I have always been told to pray for protection. Sometimes it is very hard to tell when some other being or entity or even demon is imitating your Angels. Praying for protection means the difference of being on an elevator in a building and something pushing the button on a higher floor to join you as you continue to go to the top. And being on an express elevator that takes you to the top with no extra riders, where the Angels join you. I always want to be on the express elevator!

After the prayer then you could take your list of questions that you wrote down ahead of time and ask one question at a time out loud. Out loud is very important, especially when you are new at this or you haven’t been getting correct answers/no answers. This will allow the Angels to answer you in your head, whether through a vision or words. Feelings are extremely hard to interpret, even though visions can be tricky as well. The Angels love to talk to you as words are hard to misinterpret. If you have only received feelings up until now as answers, try to hear. And speak affirmations that you can hear your Angels perfectly.

What you write down is exactly what you see, hear, feel or know immediately during or after you read the question out loud. The very first information that comes is what you write. No judgment. No discerning. Just write everything. Everything is important. You may not realize how important it was until later so write everything. After the first question gets answered, go immediately to your next question. Keep going until you are done. Then thank the Angels for their assistance. The “thank you” lets your Angels know you are done.

Now you can go back and read your questions and answers. If you are reading a question, getting the answer and then analyzing and then immediately going back to Spirit asking the next question, you have given your logical mind time to sneak in, possibly without your knowledge. So staying with your Angels and getting the answers until you are done will get you the most accurate answers.

~ How do I talk with someone else’s Angels? Same prayer at the beginning except after you call forth your highest Angels, you then call forth their highest Angels. Then start talking to them. When you are speaking to someone else’s Angels you can say anything that you want that person to know; how you feel, that you forgive them, that you want things to change, etc. What you can’t do is to control them. Their soul will change whatever message you say into a love message so no controlling is allowed. It will just dissipate as if you never said it. The person will receive the message in three days and you should see/hear some kind of response from them. To view a video of this process, go to my website video page, “Angelic Help with Forgiveness.”

~ How do I communicate with the Angels during chaotic / emotional situations? Same way. Call the Angels of their soul forth making sure you have the sacred protected space and that you are as calm as possible. Being calm is a huge key here as you can block the communication because of wavy energy you are sending out by being upset. So breathe deep and get into as calm a space as you can. If you haven’t heard from them, ask them to have them call you or get in touch however they can as soon as they can. Ask the Angels to give you a sign they are okay. You can ask for a specific sign but it would be best to leave it up to the Angels so that the sign can come at the quickest possible moment. You can just spend a few minutes with their Angels breathing in deep so that the person will be able to feel you thinking of them. You can spend the time telling them that you are safe and anything else you would like. Then thank the Angels and they will go immediately back to that person to deliver the message.

~ As a side note to those of you that are more skilled spiritually, you will have one heck of a kick back from Spirit if you do this to control or change someone or check on an ex, etc. These things should only be used with people that you have permission, usually your loved ones and very close friends. Your spiritual abilities will be affected as well as your life if you use this for any self-centered purpose. As we grow in our spiritual abilities we are also to mature as well and that means honoring each soul’s path by never abusing our power.

~ How do I talk with my pet using my Angels? Create the sacred protected space and then call forth your highest Angels and ask for an Angel to be created for your pet, saying their name. Then you can ask your questions that are written down out loud to that Angel.

The other way you can do this is talk with your pet face to face, eye to eye and tell them what you want to know. This takes a little more time but usually you will get the answer through some other means, like a person talking or a commercial, etc. Whenever talking with your pet about something you are serious about it; like letting them know you are leaving on a trip and when you will get back so they don’t freak out, always do it eye to eye.

~ How do I protect my animals using my Angels? You can assign an Angel for each pet, naming them. “I thank You Lord that I assign an Angel to watch over and protect “Charlie.” If Charlie is doing something that will harm himself or I need to help him with, then let me know immediately in a way that I cannot miss it. Thank You!”

~ How do I protect my property using my Angels? Once again by speaking a prayer out loud. Place Angels at the 4 corners of your property facing outward or a legion of Angels like we have talked about in previous teachings, all around the property line.

~ How do I get a good night’s sleep using my Angels? Once you are in bed place 4 Angels at the 4 corners of your bed and pray to sleep in the palm of God’s hand, sleeping restfully and waking up being refreshed and rejuvenated. You can also add in any other statement you would like about how you want your next day to go as well. These Angels will stay there until morning so it doesn’t matter how many times you get up during the night. The key is to be in bed before you say the prayer. If your loved one is in bed at the same time, they will also get that blessed by this energy too.

~ Our Angels are able to help us with any situation. As a spiritual human being, we are learning to do all things spiritually first. If you need someone to fix a leak, call forth an Angels to help you get in touch with the person who can do it for the least amount of money at a convenient time for your schedule. If the TV goes off for no reason, call forth an Angel to help fix the TV and to let you know if you need to do something to get it working again.

You may have noticed we didn’t suggest you call forth any Angels by any given name. You limit yourself if you do that. Just keep calling forth the highest Angels possible and you will always get the best for your situation.

~ With so much chaotic energy I was told to share a way to help you stay on the highest and easiest path. What the Angels are suggesting that we do is every time we look at the time on a clock, our phone, our watch, we say the time out loud with this statement, “My life is in Divine Order.” So if it is 4:13, then you say “It is 4:13, my life is in Divine Order.” Or “It is 9:11, my life is in Divine Order.”

This was confirmed for me when I saw a Joel Osteen’s message, which was great by the way. His message was, “It shall be well with you” which is from Isaiah 3:10. So he was suggesting that we say, “All is well” each time any kind of worry, doubt or concern came into our mind.

The difference between what the Angels shared with me and what Joel was sharing with everyone is that the Angels want us to do this each time we look at the time, to stop us from ever getting to the point of worry, doubt or concern. There are some really harsh things going on in the world so the Angels are looking out for you to give you another tool on how to manage your life and energy to stay on the highest possible path.

~ If you would like help in developing these skills, I have Angel Coaching Sessions which are individual phone sessions where we spend time giving you suggestions, new ways to grow, some easy homework and feedback on your progress. We can discuss your dreams, your spiritual encounters, pretty much anything you want to ask about that has to do with this high path of the Angels. You decide how quickly you want to move through the program. Everything is at your own pace. It has been amazing to watch the people who are taking advantage of these sessions grow exponentially. If you are interested in sharpening your skills, I will design a program just for you with your Angels guidance after our initial phone session. More information about these sessions is on my website “Angel Coaching” page.

Thank you for allowing me to share with you once again. If this message has blessed you, consider sharing it on your Facebook or Twitter page or through email.



Copyright 2014 © Christina Lunden ~ Creator Mediator All rights reserved. 

Although these messages are copyrighted, you are invited to freely share them; send them to friends, add to your newsletter, post on your blog, etc. including the Source:

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