February 2014 ~ “Are You 5th Dimensional but Living a 4th Dimensional Life?”

Think of God living in a building with us. He is in every floor, every nook and cranny of this building. The higher you go to live in the building, the more you join with God in your daily experience. The full essence of God resides in the penthouse and that is where our souls are striving to live; in the penthouse called Heaven.

We were born unto the 3rd floor and we have lived there until 2003. Our lives there were controlled by our ego. Every decision for our life path was made by the ego, karma and destiny.  

The 4th Dimension is a layer of energy, like a cozy blanket, that fits over the physical 3rd dimensional world. When we were finally able to climb the stairs to the 4th Dimension (4th floor) we had more spiritual access and abilities because we were closer to God. Living here, we no longer wanted to listen to our ego because we could finally hear the whispers of God. Yet we still felt like we were not in control of our experience. Things didn’t magically manifest. We still had to ask for things to happen. It is more peaceful than where we used to live 3rd dimensionally but not as peaceful as we would like. Many things continued to surprise us. We don’t like these surprises because they usually are not easy to go through. Even though we are walking closer to God in the 4th Dimension, it still is a hard soul experience. This is because we get glimpses of God’s power but cannot understand how to get it or use it for ourselves.

When we walk up the stairs or ride the elevator to the 5th Dimension everything changes. The 5th Dimension is about as opposite as opposite can be from the 3rd Dimension. The 3rd Dimension the soul is controlled by the ego. In the 5th Dimension the soul is finally in control. The ego isn’t gone but the loud PEACE of the 5th dimensional energy drowns out the ego. The 5th dimensional floor under your feet has always been shown to me by the Angels as concrete. As someone was going back and forth between the 4th and 5th dimensions, the concrete would be wet and setting. When this person finally transitioned into being fully 5th dimensional, the concrete under that soul would be firm and stable. The higher they go, the thicker the concrete; the deeper the peace. Remember, the concrete represents the peace that is supporting that person in everything. So even if that person is experiencing chaos around them, the peace will support that person and never leave. This peace is almost tangible. Every 5th dimensional person will feel this in their life.

Funny thing is 5th dimensional people are still choosing to live in the 4th Dimension. They are concerned about making their own way, their own path. Our path in the 5th Dimension doesn’t just come to us. If we are waiting for destiny or karma to bring us things into our life, we will be waiting a long, long time and not much will happen. Now karma is instantaneous and we are not ruled by any past life karma. We are in control of our own destiny. We can no longer say, “My ego made me do it.” We are now taking full responsibility for our decisions. This is a huge step for us to take.

Asking for God’s will for our lives will get the answer that God wants you to have what you can believe for and create. There is never a “No” answer. You decide and He agrees. He is the ultimate cheerleader on your team encouraging you to be more than you could previously imagine while allowing you to go as far as you want, never pushing you.

But this is hard for many people because of past disappointments. What about the things we consider as failures?  Spirit considers them lessons. No regrets. We learned something in every experience. Just move on. We think that our past is reflective of our future and nothing could be further from the truth with the 5th dimensional energy.

If you have gone through the ascension symptoms and feel inside that you are 5th dimensional but don’t see that peaceful, creative energy working in your life today, ask within if you are still living 4th dimensionally. See if you are leaning over the balcony of the 5th dimensional floor and trying to live your life under the old type of control? It was a harder way to live but we are used to that kind of life. Ask within if you are living your life with the fullest spiritual abilities available to you and using them. Are you walking on the highest and easiest path?

As long as we are physically here waiting on the Ascension, without the 5th dimensional world under our feet, it will be a balancing act every day. But the new chakras opening up under you help to balance you since Mother Earth is no longer playing that role. Believe in yourself and make the decision to walk 5th dimensionally each day. It may be scary because it is a new way of living but take that step anyway. You will find that you are supported. It doesn’t take away the issues in your life and those that are around you but you will find peace and easier answers in the 5th Dimension.




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January 2014 “Theme for the Year ~ Elusive”

When I asked the Angels about a concept or theme that would describe this year for the Collective Consciousness they gave me the word, Elusive. Here is the definition:

  1. Difficult to catch or remember
  2. Hard to express
  3. Eluding clear perception
  4. Cleverly or skillfully evasive

And it also means

5. Preferring anonymity or living in solitude

This year will be a year that things may be at times just out of reach. (The vision I receive is our hands are outstretched and what we want is just beyond our fingertips.)

It will be a year that we may prefer to have more solitude. (The vision I receive with this statement is walking above the Earth but reaching down to do whatever we need for our daily lives while staying in our high space.)

It will be a year that the Angels have been preparing us for over the last decade. It is a year where it will be important for us to be able to communicate spiritually; with the Angels of our souls and with each other. We will need this communication with our soul so that we don’t get discouraged when answers keep changing or get delayed. We will need this spiritual communication with our family, friends and co-workers because relationship issues are going to increase this year and these people may not be in an emotional space to see or hear what we are really trying to say.

Remember the movie, The Matrix? This is the year that becomes more of a reality for we are essentially living in a matrix. Those of you who have ascended spiritually to the 5th dimensional energy are already living outside the grids of the Earth plane. The problem with manifesting is that each person needs to figure out the key codes to unlock the door for each thing they want to manifest. What works for getting a new car, may not work for getting a new job, as the key codes are constantly changing according to where you are spiritually at that moment. And you have to figure out how to get the door to open up in just the right place for it to show up in your life on Earth. Yes, a lot has changed in the last 5 years! What I would suggest is communicating with your Angels (not an Angel with a name or a spirit guide) and tell them what you are trying to do. Ask them to show you how to unlock the door to this manifestation. And ask that for each thing you want to manifest.

From what the Angels are showing me, it will be important for you to remember that you are not a human being any more. You have ascended to be a spiritual human being and using the spiritual tools you have learned first in all situations will keep you on the highest and easiest path this year. There will be many difficult situations that you will see and hear about this year. I will leave you with this very powerful affirmation given by the Angels to me 20 years ago to help in these very days:

“I AM not moved by the things that I hear nor the things that I see.”

The Angels told me to say it several times a day and after a few months, the energy would start working in me. I must have said it 50 times a day. It is very powerful. This one affirmation will help you to have a level head while everyone around you is screaming about some situation. You will be able to help so much better if you are not moved by these situations. You will have deeper compassion and love by saying this affirmation. We are asked 5th dimensionally to be Christ-like and to honor each souls decision of how they walk their path. The paths this year will not be pretty for most of the beings on Earth and that is their choice. This affirmation will help you this year.




Copyright 2014 © Christina Lunden ~ Creator Mediator All rights reserved. 

Although these messages are copyrighted, you are invited to freely share them; send them to friends, add to your newsletter, post on your blog, etc. including the Source: www.ChristinaLunden.com

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December 2013 “Spiritual Work in the 5th Dimension”

This is information on how healing will be done in the 5th Dimension and how you can start now to integrate that into your practice. You don’t have to do it this way now but if your soul learns how to do this, when you get to the 5th Dimension you will be ready to work from that first moment. If you don’t learn how or don’t want to, no problem. It may be that your soul is taking a different route. Everyone is different. All healers will learn this in the 5th Dimension, so you can learn it there. Of course, with the 5th dimensional world under your feet, you will be very supported (won’t that be nice!!!!) and learning this there will be easier there. Your choice. Read this information and ask your soul what it is guiding you to do.

To do these 5th dimensional healings, we need our Sacred Heart open. We have a physical heart, a Heart Chakra, a High Heart Chakra and a Sacred Heart. The Sacred Heart has been accessible to us since we entered into the 4th Dimension. You know where your physical heart is. The Heart Chakra is flowing through your aura at the level of your physical heart. The High Heart Chakra flows through your aura just above the physical heart and underneath the throat, where that indentation is in the shape of a V. The Sacred Heart is in the center of the physical heart, which so happens to be the center of your aura. It looks like a little box. This little box could not be opened until we tamed the ego. Notice I didn’t say “when we got rid of the ego.” Many people are still surprised to find out that ascending didn’t mean we would be getting rid of the ego. We conquered the ego but it is not gone.

As long as we have these physical bodies, we will have the ego with us. The Angels have shown me a cute visualization that as we ascend, the ego gets locked up in our big toe. It’s still there but it is at the lowest part possible and the farthest point physically away from our thoughts. Eventually, we forget all about it being there. Some Lightworkers give the ego too much credit, thinking that the ego is still controlling them. Just ignore the ego. If you are ascending when you do something or say something, you are making a conscious choice so take responsibility for that and not say the ego made you do it.

If you are still ascending to the 5th dimensional energy in your daily life, you have access to your Sacred Heart. If you are already 5th dimensional and no longer going back into the 4th Dimension, then you are living within your Sacred Heart.

Living within the center of your soul can be very powerful and peaceful. If you are saying to yourself, “I am 5th dimensional but I don’t feel I am living a sacred life.” Then think about this, we can be living in a home with all the best furniture and gadgets but we don’t have to use them. The Sacred Heart is the same, you can be living in it but not using some or any of what is available to you.

We want to give you a tool to remind you that you now have this powerful place within you. I was shown this hand mudra by the Angels. I had never seen it before but have since found out that it is a well-known hand mudra. This is the 2nd time in my life that the Angels have given me a hand mudra to use. Both have been very powerful.

A mudra is an ancient healing hand position. It helps you to activate, redirect and recharge the energy in your entire being. I didn’t say “body” I said, “being” so, it activates, redirects and recharges the energy in your soul.

Here is what they showed me. It is for:

“Opening Up Your Heart Center / Sacred Heart”

Create a cup with your hands

Palms facing up

All fingers are apart

The upper part of your thumbs, your little fingers and the base of your palms are touching.

Visualize holding a big flower, like a rose

Stretch your fingers up and apart

Place your hands at heart level

Breathe and think about the light flowing down from Heaven flowing into your cupped hands

The light is flowing into your physical heart, your Heart Chakra, Your High Heart Chakra and your Sacred Heart.

This light is flowing deep into your soul.



Note: In case this post is reblogged without the photographs, I have the photographs on the ”Spiritual Work in the 5th Dimension” radio program here: http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/christina-lunden. I have tipped my hands in two of the photos so you can see from the top view. When you are doing this hand mudra, remember the correct position is to point your fingers up, not out.

~ ~ ~

When you are in the 5th Dimension, the 3rd and 4th dimensional spiritual tools do not work on us anymore. When we use our own innate tools, which means anything we have access to within our soul, then we can heal ourselves and others. Your physical body is the center of your soul so any part of your physical body is a tool. Using your speech is a tool. Your hands are a tool. You can use this “Opening Your Heart Center” mudra to connect to your Sacred Heart and to start using the loving energy that resides in there each day.

So then, how do we heal 5th dimensionally? On one level of the healing, people need to know the root cause of illnesses / so called accidents / lessons in order to heal. Then the next level of healing, we speak what we want to happen, focusing our intention on how to clear whatever we found within the root cause. 5th Dimension healings are done by speaking intuitively while focusing your healing intention on that area of the body, mind or soul. Speaking is how the healing light energy knows what to do within that soul. And focusing your intention is how the healing light energy knows where to go.

When we say “speaking intuitively,” we are not talking about channeling other beings with our speech. Remember, using anything or anyone outside of our own soul lowers the energy we can heal with. Speaking intuitively means to learn how to connect with that soul and talk with it spiritually. Get the soul to tell you what needs to be done. Get the soul to show you what needs to be cleared or healed. When you speak during the healing, it will be simple like “heal” or “aura clear” or “cancer leave now.” It’s not complicated. The least amount of words to get your intention across is what you will be speaking.

The highest part of any soul in this Universe is called Angels. We are not talking about something separate from the soul with a name. We are talking about energy. When we call forth the highest Angels of that soul, we are speaking to the strongest, clearest energy of that person. The Angels can show you and tell you what is going on and how to fix it.

Right now in 2013 and moving forward, everyone is working from a soul level. Yes, our souls are running the show. And our souls are making different decisions than what we would have made as people just living for that one life. It is all about the soul now, not just this one life. That is why some of the things happening to us and to others don’t make sense. We aren’t used to thinking about the bigger picture with every situation.

What does make sense is that if the souls are running the show, we need to learn how to heal from a soul level. When we heal from this deep space, we open up spiritual pathways that were only available before through dying. Because in dying, we finally see that bigger picture, in our life review. We go through every conversation, situation and view it from different perspectives, not just our own. Viewing our lives in a detached way we finally gain understanding of why those things happened and what our responsibility was. I’ll spoil the ending here for you. We are responsible for everything that happens to us. That is why forgiveness of ourselves is the most important thing we will learn. But some people are not ready to hear that so we take baby steps and teach to forgive others first.

If you would like to heal 5th dimensionally now, then ask your highest teaching Angels to guide you. (Please remember to ask for YOUR highest teaching Angels and not THE highest teaching Angels. The higher you go spiritually you have more power in your words and they are taken literally. What you want is to be taught exactly what you need in the quickest, easiest way and that would be through your souls Angels.) You will need spiritual vision to “see” the physical body, “see” attachments and spiritual hearing to communicate. Pray / affirm that you can do these things. If you have doubts, find out where your resistance is to doing this and clear it.

This insight into the healings of the 5th Dimension is being shared now, not because you have to do this but because there are those people who are hungry for the next level of work. We have been in what feels like a very long pause for the last few years without much “new” going on spiritually. It’s pretty much the same old same old. And it’s not very exciting. In fact, it’s boring. This is something that can be practiced here while you wait for the Ascension. Then when we ascend your souls will already know how to do this and you won’t have any learning curve there. You will have created your spiritual practice and walk right into them the moment your foot touches our new world.

I love,



Copyright 2013 © Christina Lunden ~ Creator Mediator All rights reserved. 

Although these messages are copyrighted, you are invited to freely share them; send them to friends, add to your newsletter, post on your blog, etc. including the Source: www.ChristinaLunden.com

My service to the world is in reminding people that they are not just humans, they are souls. My work is in two major areas: Healing the wounds that keep souls from growing and remembering who they really are. These wounds are not just in this life, they can go back to the very first wound; the wound that most souls still feel but haven’t dealt with yet which is from the moment we separated from God. Souls felt Confusion / Anger / Sadness / Lonely / Abandonment. These wounds show up in many ways in our current life. Healing the wounds through the current experiences a person has, is life and soul changing. And then my work goes to the next level which is helping souls grow in knowledge and wisdom and teach them to understand how to use their new found power. I am here for you. ~Christina

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November 2013 “The 5th Dimensional Chakras”

When you were born into this life, you had access to your seven physical chakras. These are the Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Brow Chakra and the Crown Chakra. In 2006, you had the opportunity to start opening up to these next three 4th dimensional chakras: Soul Star Chakra, High Heart Chakra and the Zeal Point Chakra. Every soul adds these one at a time at their own pace according to how much light they are allowing into their soul each day. These 4th dimensional chakras are spiritual chakras; they don’t have anything to do with the physical body. Each chakra has to be stable, balanced and being used by the person in order for the next higher chakra to open.

In 2007, the 5th dimensional chakras were accessible. Most people started feeling this energy in 2010. These chakras open when the person no longer receives direction from the ego. The light inside the soul guides the consciousness instead. These chakras are the pathway for your consciousness to help you remember who you really are as God. They are purely spiritual and work with you on a soul level.

The 5th Dimension is a physical place, like the 3rd Dimension so for you to be able to access the energy without even walking on that world is truly a remarkable feat! These chakras are the Christ Chakra, Hand Chakras, Foot Chakras, Earth Star Chakra and the 12th Chakra. When the last 4th dimensional chakra (Zeal Point Chakra) is stabilized, the Christ Chakra, Hand Chakras, Foot Chakras and the Earth Star Chakra will all open for a few minutes and then close again. The Earth Star Chakra opens at the same time because at this level, you will no longer be grounding into Mother Earth. The Earth Star Chakra takes her place. And as you use more of the Christ Chakra’s high energy, you will get extra chakras under the Earth Star to stabilize you. (See list below) If you were already a 3rd dimensional healer, you may have your Hand Chakras open already. For everyone else, healer or not, you will open the Hand Chakras when you open the Christ Chakra. With this opening, everyone will be able to heal others at this level.

The process of opening these 5th dimensional chakras takes a while so that your soul can get used to this very different, high vibrational light energy. You will be stepping into it and stepping back out to allow your body/soul to adjust to that frequency of light. You may find yourself in that higher energy for an hour and then out of that energy for the next 8 hours or longer. Eventually, you will be walking in this energy 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

The 5th dimensional chakras open upon your intention. You can use prayer / affirmations but it is mostly how you are living your daily life. It is not something that will automatically happen since it is not important for these chakras to open here on a 3rd dimensional world. If you are trying to live your life from your higher consciousness and not your ego then your soul will respond and welcome the 5th dimensional chakras to start opening.

Many people don’t realize that there are two ascensions going on now. We have a personal soul ascension that is possible and the Collective Ascension that will definitely happen. The Collective Ascension is the one where we walk together into the 5th dimensional world in one moment. Remember, it is not necessary for souls to be 5th dimensional at the time of this Ascension to be able to ascend. There will be a measurement in that moment before Ascension and every soul with a certain light frequency will ascend. The measurement of their soul means that it is not according to who they have been in this one life. That is why you don’t have to be concerned about family or friends not ascending. How much light they have collected in their soul from all of their lifetimes is how they are measured.

There will only be approx. 10% on Earth at the time of the Ascension who will already have personally ascended and living in that 5th dimensional energy. These people are the ones that are assisting in creating the New World and also the pathway for everyone else to get there.

Some of the signs of being 5th dimensional is not feeling like you fit in anywhere. It’s different than just being a Lightworker around non-Lightworkers. It is no longer fitting in with the Lightworkers! This is a feeling of waking up like you are in the wrong place / world. Also, looking at things from a broader perspective and not understanding why people don’t see things as clearly as you can. The greatest benefit is shown by a feeling a deep rooted peace; even when circumstances are chaotic all around you. The peace never goes away. It is supporting you in everything you do. This doesn’t mean you won’t get upset or mad ever again. Of course you will! You have a human body in which the ego is linked so you will always have access to those lower emotions. With this higher vibrational energy flowing through you, you can make conscious clear choices of how to act and respond and chances are you won’t want to use those lower emotions.

The 3rd and 4th dimensional chakras have colors associated with them but the 5th dimensional chakras do not. The frequency they resonate with is not anything that we can see while on this Earth.

Here is a list of the Chakras in order of how they open:

~Root Chakra

~Sacral Chakra

~Solar Plexus Chakra

~Heart Chakra

~Throat Chakra

~Brow Chakra

~Crown Chakra

~Soul Star Chakra (starting of the 4th Dimension energy)

~High Heart Chakra

~Zeal Point Chakra

~Christ Chakra (starting of the 5th Dimension energy)

~Hand Chakras (except for Healers who opened them in the 3rd Dimension)

~Feet Chakras

~Earth Star Chakra

~3 Chakras under the Earth Star Chakra

~12th Chakra (I haven’t been given a name for this yet)

~4th Chakra under the Earth Star

~There will be more chakras added under the Earth Star chakra to balance the 12th Chakra

~And you will have the opportunity to continue to add higher chakras / with lower chakras to balance you until we collectively ascend.

I love,



Copyright 2013 © Christina Lunden ~ Creator Mediator All rights reserved. 

Although these messages are copyrighted, you are invited to freely share them; send them to friends, add to your newsletter, post on your blog, etc. including the Source: www.ChristinaLunden.com

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October 2013 – “Enjoy Each Day”

How do you deal with the fact that spiritually you know how something could turn out and others don’t? This is an issue that has been coming up a lot this year. Answers to prayers that have been prayed years ago have been showing up in people’s lives. One of the main prayers answered has been the long awaited love.

These higher resonating love relationships are not based on karma nor are they twin flames or soul mates. The Angels have always told me to guide people away from asking for their twin flame or soul mates, as that is a lower energy relationship.  These terms were made up to explain what we felt we needed in the 3rd Dimension.

Just think about a twin flame. That denotes that something in a soul is missing; that there is half of you floating around in another body. Does that even make sense? How can a soul be separate from itself? The Angels told me this was a term made up by a human, not something that was spiritually given. So when someone prays for a twin flame, they attract the energy of a person exactly like themselves with their likes, dislikes, issues, etc. Why would we want two of ourselves to learn through? These relationships are rocky and rarely, if ever last.

A soul mate is another word made up by humans to let them off the hook of learning their own lessons. The soul mate “completes” them so they don’t have to do anything. Everything they need is within the other person. So in the beginning these relationships are great but then they too start to fall apart. The problem is that we are here to learn and no matter what barriers we put up to prevent that, we will eventually learn the lessons. Learning them later tends to make the lessons harder.

The highest and greatest love you can create for yourself now is neither of these. But it does bring with it complications. With your prayers for your highest and greatest love, your soul will send out a light beam into the world to find someone who has a similar light beam in their soul. The clearer your heart is from lower energies (unforgiveness, judgment, etc.), the clearer they will be also. This doesn’t mean they are complete with their lessons. It’s actually quite the opposite. They still have things to learn and that is why their soul is seeking out a love relationship. The same goes for you, that is why your soul is seeking a love relationship; to learn. So the highest and greatest love still comes with lessons to work through. The idea of being the highest and greatest is that it is perfect for your soul to learn your lessons on the highest and easiest path, IF you allow it.

The Angels tell us the majority of the time (99%) the person that comes to us will not be as spiritually conscious in their life. This is a huge disappointment to many Lightworkers. The light of the two souls matched, not necessarily the consciousness. There is a reason for this. If the soul you matched up to was just as spiritually conscious as you are, with free-will it can quickly turn into a competition to see who knows more and then it can turn into a teacher/student relationship. The student in this example would have to deal with resentment with not being seen for who they are. With only a few lessons to learn for the soul at this point, it is too risky to match two people up where they could easily fail. There isn’t time for that. Remember, when this person comes, they will be a spiritual match so the souls WILL BE already equal in soul light energy. That shows there is no need for one to be a teacher or student of each other. This love relationship is to be two souls walking beside each other.

The other issue is that you may have spiritual insight into the future and know from “Hello” that this could be a lifelong relationship.  However, the other person doesn’t have access to that information and is moving at a slower pace than you. They are doing the dating game while you are planning your whole future together. This can be a frustratingly slow process waiting for the other person to catch up to where you are.

So what do you do? Enjoy each moment of each day you have with this person. There is no need to rush anything. Many Lightworkers are causing issues within their relationship and some even losing their love because they felt the need to tell them everything they knew spiritually about the future possibilities. The other person who doesn’t have the same access to the spiritual insight could feel uncomfortable and most of the time feel pushed into making decisions they are not ready to make and therefore walk away. It is better to keep these things to yourself. Hey, it’s not like we are not used to keeping our mouths shut. We don’t share everything we know spiritually with everyone. We have found in the past that causes consequences that we don’t like or need.

Just enjoy each moment of each and every day you have with this person. This is not about the end result. This is about your souls learning through daily life. You learn how to love yourself while being loved for who you are. Finally someone will be able to “see” you! Your two souls know what to do to be on the highest and easiest path. Make sure that you are not getting in their way and causing upsets and complications that didn’t need to happen. Enjoy yourself. And be thankful. You got the answer to your prayers!

I love,



Copyright 2013 © Christina Lunden ~ Creator Mediator All rights reserved. 

Although these messages are copyrighted, you are invited to freely share them; send them to friends, add to your newsletter, post on your blog, etc. including the Source: www.ChristinaLunden.com

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September 2013 “No Reason to Doubt Yourself Anymore”

Do you doubt yourself because you have prayed and what you are praying for hasn’t manifested yet?  One thing you may not have considered is, if your prayer depends on someone else, like a love relationship, you may not be the issue at all. The best thing to do instead of doubting yourself and your spiritual connection is to spiritually ask what the issue / delay is.

Three years ago the Angels explained to us that time as we knew it was changing. And boy did it! Think of a grid with lines going horizontally and vertically. This is the way things used to move through time. Now think of that all falling down on top of itself.  What is manifested has to move through that mess. The manifestation process takes longer because it now has to navigate through all the grids to find whatever it is.

If you are currently living your life in the 5th Dimension, you are spiritually outside the grids so you can manifest easier from that space because you don’t have to deal with that entire mess of grid lines all on top of each other. Your prayer can stay outside the grids, find what it is looking for and just plop right down where that thing is. This is one of the benefits of living a 5th dimensional life. The key is believing that you have the power to create your own life.

Do you doubt yourself because you would like your family, friends or people around you to acknowledge who you have become and they haven’t? The 5th Dimension is called The Christ Consciousness. This name tells us that we can have the highest anointing ever experienced by mankind, access the mind of Christ and while becoming more at Oneness with God.

Did you know that the Light that is flowing through you cannot be comprehended by people with lower energy, even 4th dimensional energy and especially those that are working through their darkness? The dark cannot understand the light. John 1:5 says The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.” That scripture references Jesus as The Light. In the 5th Dimension we are emulating the Christ Consciousness so that applies to us too. It is natural human behavior to want to be accepted by others. But in this lifetime, we have come to be different. We didn’t want to be an average human being living an average human life. We wanted to be more spiritual in our daily lives. We are movers and shakers. We are Lightworkers. We are here to be light, not add to the darkness. Remember that you are different because you wanted to be. So be who you are and allow the light to freely shine no matter who notices and acknowledges it.

Do you doubt your own place in Spirit and / or spiritual connection so you seek other people’s help to get insight / healing for your life? There are approx. 7 billion people on earth. Out of those 7 billion people, 10% of them have the possibility of becoming 5th Dimensional and living a 5th dimensional life before we ascend. Out of that 10%, there are 144,000 people who we know are already capable of allowing the highest light energy of that dimension to flow through their experience. We know this because they are the ones who are allowing the flow of light through their daily lives so that Spirit can create the 5th Dimensional world. This new world is the first of its kind in that it is not all spiritually created, instead, we are working hand in hand with Spirit to create this new world.

The 144,000 are mostly made up of people in regular Earthplane jobs; mothers, fathers; not necessarily spiritual teachers, counselors and healers. There are many people out there in the world saying that they have knowledge and insight about this next step and that may not be the case. What many people don’t understand is this is the first time in our soul’s history that we cannot “buy” our way spiritually. This is on our own accord, our own work, seeking our own way. This is not about a process. It is about BEING. No one needs to learn anything, say anything or do anything specific to ascend. We have certain ways to make things easier but if anyone tells you that you have to do something to ascend, they are not telling you the truth.

This is why the Angels have told you for years, through my work, that you don’t have to worry about your family or friends ascending. They don’t have to be spiritually conscious to do this; they just have to get through their soul lessons and if after that, they have enough light in their soul, they will ascend. Remember the Ascension is not about this lifetime, it is about all of our lifetimes put together and what we have learned throughout those lifetimes. This is why we suggest that you try very hard to not interfere when someone is going through a lesson. They have to get through these lessons themselves, and if we interfere, our loved one / friend may miss the very last piece they need to ascend. This is not easy for us to do but it is the most loving thing we can do for their soul.

If you are one of the 144,000, how many people on Earth do you think that you can go to for spiritual information or healing? Think about the numbers again: 10% on Earth are capable of being 5th dimensional (not all 10% are but 10% are capable of achieving that energy level) and out of those individuals, 144,000 people have the highest vibrations. The answer is there are very few people that one of the 144,000 can go to because the other person would have to be spiritually higher than you to give you accurate information and to be able to do any healing. If you had a college spiritual degree, would you go to an 11th grader who hasn’t yet graduated spiritual high school and ask them advice for your life or for a healing? That is what some people are doing.  Because we learned or received healings from some of these people before, it is easy to assume that since we grew spiritually, they did too. And very often, this is not the case.

The consequence of this is that the higher energy spiritual person going to a lower energy spiritual person for help, will of course, lower or mess up the higher spiritual persons energy. Learn how to heal yourself. Learn how to communicate spiritually. If you already know these things, trust yourself. If you don’t trust yourself, practice these things consistently like you would if you were in school and ask spiritually for your highest Angels help.

I have mentioned this before in my Angelic Guidance radio programs and the Angels are saying to repeat it here. There are many healers on Earth now who will tell a 5th Dimensional person that their chakras are all messed up. That is because they have never seen anything like it before. They are skilled enough to know the chakras look different and are flowing different but they assume that there is something wrong or something dark within the chakra energy. Again, we go back to the light. Did you know that the 5th Dimension is so full of light that it can look like darkness to someone that is not walking in the 5th Dimension themselves? Healers and readers may see areas of darkness in you or around you because the light that is flowing through you is so strong, it blinds them.

So what do you do if you want to seek confirmation or get assistance for your healing? Pray before you go to anyone to get spiritual insight or healing. Always pray, each time. Ask if this person is spiritually higher than you and can receive the answers you want confirmation on. Everyone who asks someone for spiritual information should know the answer and want someone only to confirm it. The Angels will never recommend going to anyone without first trying to get the answer yourself. There will be times that you won’t be able to get the answer, for many reasons but you can at least try. The person you go to this time may be perfect but next time you may have moved up on the spiritual ladder and that person may not be able to give you the highest information for your life.

Words are the key to the 5th Dimensional Ascension. We have more power in our Throat Chakra now than ever before. When our heart is open and we speak, we are more powerful than we realize. Words are really all you need for your soul to prosper in this ascension.

Here are some very powerful words for you:

Thank you.

I forgive you.

I forgive me.

I love you.

I love me.

I love.

Can it really be that simple? Yes.

Here is a statement that may surprise you. There is no reason to doubt yourself anymore because you are already who you prayed to be! There is nothing else for you to do. No changes you have to make. No reason to doubt. You are already 5th dimensional and all you have to do is BE WHO YOU ARE. It really is that simple. Have you really already done all the spiritual work and now you can just relax in who you are? Yes. I know some of you believe deep down how powerful you are but you are just afraid to say it out loud because you think you are being egotistical. When you get to the 5th dimensional level, you are no longer dealing with an ego. If you are not sure, ASK your highest Angels to give you confirmation of where you are on your ascension path. Ask them for a sign if you are living a 5th dimensional life now.

Just a side note ~ A 5th dimensional life is not carefree. We still have to deal with the Earthplane people and their situations because we are still here on the 3rd dimensional Earth. You can still get mad, upset, frustrated but the key is to shift out of that energy as soon as possible. If you can forgive the person / situation quickly then you are probably staying in the 5th Dimension.

I am honored to walk beside your beautiful, powerful, confident soul.

I love,



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August 2013 “Things Are Happening Suddenly!”

Great news! Prayers are now being answered suddenly. Manifestations are showing up suddenly.

If this is not happening in your life, see if this message is for you:

There are many doors that were opened a few months ago that some have not yet walked through. In order to walk through these doors, you need to be spiritually looking forward, walking forward. Look in your heart to see if you are holding onto someone or some situation from the past. You need to let go of regrets. You need to forgive people and situations from your past and let them go in order to accept the new. It is impossible to hold onto the past and then walk through these spiritual doors. Remember Spirit won’t take this energy from you. You have to be the one to let it go.

You don’t have control over how long it takes for things to manifest but there is more opportunity right now for things to happen suddenly than there has been in the last three years. Are you walking your highest and easiest path to accept the new gifts for your life that your soul has prepared and waiting for you?

Then Ask / Command. Believe. Seek.

And while you are doing that, Live Your Life…Now. Don’t wait one minute longer for these things to manifest. Follow your heart. Make plans. And live your life now. This is the highest and easiest way to have a “suddenly” happen to you.

I love,



Copyright 2013 © Christina Lunden ~ Creator Mediator All rights reserved. 

Although these messages are copyrighted, you are invited to freely share them; send them to friends, add to your newsletter, post on your blog, etc. including the Source: www.ChristinaLunden.com

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